Nov. 8

The trail. I thought I had left early enough, but nope. In fact Sis drove a good portion of the way to behind me. And how do you think Josie reacted to these interlopers going along with us? She didn’t. Much ado about nothing as usual. I am queen.

Josie fell right into place beside my right side, while Sis walked Lindy on her left. We chatted as we went. Marveling at how well both dogs were doing. She had her dogs out for a run earlier in the morning, hoping Lindy would be more tired than usual and therefore easier to keep focus. Soon we got brave, and put our dogs side by side. Still no reaction, no explosion, no fury resulting in bloody torn flesh. Hmm.

And there it is. Stable, balanced dogs. Both our dogs, on leash, under our control, mentally calm. We looked like the people walking dogs on a YouTube video that you wish you were with the dogs you wished you had.

After awhile, Sis left Lindy off leash and still they were fine. They really weren’t too interested in each other, all they wanted was to keep moving. At the end as we neared the parking lot, an older gentleman was being walked by his little foo foo. His dog growled and snarled a lot like Josie used to. Lindy began to growl a little and I needed to tug on Josie a bit in the opposite direction to let her know that dog is none of her business. I caught her at the first sign of interest.

We have plans for Tuesday. She wants to bring both her dogs. She was most concerned about Lindy’s mean streak causing an issue. Benny shouldn’t be a problem unless he becomes something of a pest. He’s just a goofy, playful large pup who doesn’t seem to know any better. I suspect he’ll get the hint real quick not to mess with Josie and go off to play with Lindy. We may even go to a different trail. I got to thinking the trail I love to go to is near my house. Sis has to travel about 30 mins to get there depending on traffic. She has a trail near her place about 15 mins away. For me to go to that one would take about 30 mins. too. I’ve suggested we alternate. It’s only fair.

I’d have never thought my Josie would be such a princess. Mentally stable, trained dogs, she has no problem with at all. One that lunges at her, barks and growls, yeah, she’s going to be handful. Come to think of it, if someone wants to beat the crap out of me, and someone is holding them back, I still wouldn’t think too kindly of the aggressor especially if I had done nothing to provoke it.

Ahh, what a day, it was wonderful.


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Dogs: Cindy - pit bull mix, 12 yrs, 8 mos adopted June 6, 2001 Josie - beagle/chihuahua mix, 8 (?) adopted Jan. 6, 2012 Cats: Becky - 11 yrs (stray found 2003) Moe - 10 yrs (stray found 2004) Sally - 9 yrs, 2 mos (feral captured 2005)
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