Nov. 7

Sis wrote today, we’re set up for the trail tomorrow. I appreciate the comments I have gotten, and you know who you are my dear, and your advice is NOT going unheeded. However, this first time I will take almost my entire dog training arsenol. This will work. If anyone ends up angry or disapproving, I assure you it will not be me ha! Totally forgot what I have in my stock. It means wearing the carpenter apron, but that’s okay since I find myself running out of pockets anyway haha.

I am now looking forward to this so much so, that I will leave early enough to be there at least 15 minutes early to have us walking around the parking lot area and chillin’. Bring it! Sis has said several times both her dogs need more formal training if only to make household boundaries a bit easier, but hey, don’t wanna do that? don’t have the time? don’t want to let your supposedly beloved sister who loves your dogs almost as much as you do, well pfft. Rots of ruck!

I got this.


About lilyatwt

Dogs: Cindy - pit bull mix, 12 yrs, 8 mos adopted June 6, 2001 Josie - beagle/chihuahua mix, 8 (?) adopted Jan. 6, 2012 Cats: Becky - 11 yrs (stray found 2003) Moe - 10 yrs (stray found 2004) Sally - 9 yrs, 2 mos (feral captured 2005)
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