Nov 5

Not only has Sis read the material I sent, she has offered several days for us to attempt exercises designed to acclimate Josie to strange dogs. It will take a bit longer than a few times, but it’s a decent start. Jos, being a bit older as well as not the sharpest crayon in the box,  needs a bit more time than typical as well as more patience. I have both which is why we’ve done so well together. Even if we can get her accustomed to Sis’s dogs only, that would be fine.

Her suggestion is to start with Lindy, her smaller dog who is quite aggressive towards unknown dogs. Lindy will attack a new dog to teach them she’s in charge, and then lets it go. Sis is willing to to keep Lindy from attacking Josie (gee thanks). To be brutally honest, I would pepper Lindy first! Sis needs to understand that.

Then she goes on to say she’s not worried about Benny because he’s submissive, and once another dog puts him in his place, he backs off. Again, she misses the point that there will be no “putting him in his place” at all. I will not have Josie used to bait him, not have her threatened by Lindy and I will not tolerate Josie’s own aggressiveness. The point is to keep her mind in a stable place. Sure it’s okay to get excited, but she needs to learn not to act on it, period. It’s not a dog park. It’s not social hour. My dog has a job, and that is not to be interfered with on any level.

I have yet to answer her email. My hope is by putting down some thoughts in this post, I can head off some bad feelings.

I can take the high road and accept this opportunity to further Josie’s training which will only serve to better her on our walks through the neighborhood and perhaps even enable us to visit *gasp* Petco or a dog walk fund raiser someday.


I can take the low road and point out Benny will be depressed if she takes Lindy out by herself. (Which backs up my suspicion that she does not trust me with her dog/s.)


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Dogs: Cindy - pit bull mix, 12 yrs, 8 mos adopted June 6, 2001 Josie - beagle/chihuahua mix, 8 (?) adopted Jan. 6, 2012 Cats: Becky - 11 yrs (stray found 2003) Moe - 10 yrs (stray found 2004) Sally - 9 yrs, 2 mos (feral captured 2005)
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One Response to Nov 5

  1. Robbin says:

    I’m thinking I would say something like, “you know, I changed my mind. The weather is starting to cool. Any progress we could make now might be forgotten when the weather gets nice again. Let’s put off deciding anything about getting our dogs together.” I say if you are more or less enjoying the trail with her just go with her. Let her walk her own darn dogs too. IDK. She is something else. Almost Jeckle and Hyde-ish.

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